ARCH ENEMY : Ready to record a new album !

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From the Maximum Rock Mag


Angela Gossow said about the present and future of the band :


« Well, we got a couple of shows coming up actually this week, we’re playing four shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Poland, then we go back home to continue writing the new album. Then we go
out again in November, we play four shows in the U.K., a headline tour, we haven’t been there for a while. Then we come back and go straight to the studio in the beginning of December and start
recording the new album. Working title is « Fuck You All »! No! Just kidding! We’ve got 12 songs for now but I think we’re going to end up with 15 or 16 songs, I don’t know… We
have two months in the studio, December and January. The album has to drop in May. We start playing festivals then already in support of the new album. We’re kicking off with the
Metalfest festivals where we headline, then we’re just gonna do the European festivals season, full on; there’s tons of shows, bigger and smaller festivals. Then we go either on
a festival trek in the USA or we will start touring Asia, India and Australia »



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