Discover a new Thrash Metal band called WARBEAST

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On “Krush the Enemy”, all of WARBEAST’s members contribute just the right ingredients to create a nearly flawless
thrash achievement.
There are really no song highlights because the whole album is so consistent.
Thrash fans both young and old should enjoy ”Krush the Enemy”.

Like recent Exodus releases, this album is the perfect blend of old-school know-how and a powerful modern
The members of WARBEAST are a commanding presence both on record and on stage, proving that they can hang with nearly any thrash band out there today.
If you ever have the chance to see them live, don’t pass it up.
They will tear you a new one with no apologies.
In the meantime, check out “Krush the Enemy” if you want a one hundred percent fun and crushingly heavy thrash album.
We can’t recommend it enough to serious thrash fans.


Discover the band with Phil ANSELMO on stage …



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