ENGEL 2nd Album called Threnody : The New IN FLAMES ?

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ENGEL are back with a piece of heaven for any friend of Modern Metal. Their second album « Threnody » raises the standard set by the Swedes’ debut « Absolute Design » (2007) sky high. When five
experienced musicians from Gothenburg gathered to form ENGEL in the year 2004 they had a clear vision. Niclas Engelin, kown from GARDENIAN as well as PASSENGER alongside Anders Fridén from IN
FLAMES and Marcus Sunesson, who spend time in THE CROWN as well as THE HAUNTED teamed up to form a guitarist duo in the best tradition of their hometown renowned for its melodic Death Metal
scene. They recruited vocalist Mangan Klavborn, who presents a stunning range from the clear and emotional to the harsh and growling. The rhythm section consisted originally of bassist Michael
Håkansson coming from EVERGREY and drummer Mojjo, who have meanwhile been replaced by Steve Drennan and Jimmy Olausson. The vision of this group was put into sound with « Absolute Design ». This
debut combines hard, rhythmical and atmospheric guitar work with a powerful yet gracefully delicate, heavy and punching work of drum and base. ENGEL hold the balance between skill and brutality,
melodies and dynamic, classic metal influences and new-school characteristics. Now « Threnody » takes the next step by combining such diverse influences as LINKING PARK, LAMB OF GOD and SOILWORK
with their very own sound. Listen to Modern Metal from Sweden at its best!


If you wanna check an interview with Niclas, head over to Vallee FM – you can download the thing with clicking on ‘Telechargez’. Lots of metal, 2 other interviews and all that, goes on for 2
hours. The interview of Niclas can be found at about 65:30 into the show : http://valleefm.fr/emission.php?emission=40



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