HeavenShallBurn reveals new album

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For“Invictus“ HEAVENSHALL BURN returned to Tue Madsen’s Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark.Again, the album was produced by the two guitarists Maik Weichert and Alexander Dietz. “Never change a
winning team”turned out to be the best and most effective option to record their albumsinstead of burning budgets by trying out different people every time. Maikexplains: “Tue Maden knows
andunderstands our sound. For us it is easier to improve and develop our soundfurther when we are working with someone we know. Otherwise it would meangetting adjusted to someone new every time
we record an album which doesn’tfeel right to us.”




By using Ólafur Arnalds for the atmospheric intro andoutro they held on to another trademark
of their sound. “To work new elements into our typical sound was definitely a challengefor us”, says Alexander. “The Lie You Bleed For” and especially “Combat”show them heavily flirting
with electronica. Still, those shouldn’t come as asurprise to anybody once recalling “Against All Lies” and “Muderer Of AllMurderers”. However, “Given In Death” proves that their heavy sound
leaves roomfor changes and innovations, as a highly emotional duet of Marcus Bischoff andSabine Weniger from Deadlock is not exactly what you would have expected fromHEAVEN SHALL BURN. Still, no
fan who is into their heavy and majestic riffsthat are influenced by Scandinavian metal will be disappointed and can indulge themselvesin songs such as “Buried In Forgotten Grounds” or “Return To
Sanity”. “Combat”even shows some frosty black metal references. “In Aarhus we were snowed in twice -that might explain the black metal influences”, smiles Maik.


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