New Exodus album to release next week : Exhibit B: The Human Condition

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New Exodus album to release next week




« Exhibit B: The Human Condition ». It’s really, really sick. It’s really different from the last one and it’s really different from the two before. But it’s 100 percent EXODUS. Out of the last
three, this one is faster, but it’s also a little more melodic, and it’s also a little bit more old school. Some of Rob’s vocal patterns are just so old school; it’s killer. The production is a
little more, let’s say, less sterile. Not less sterile, but less digital perfection, more organic. It’s really, really lively. There is by far more melody on it as well. Thematically, it’s a
little different. The last one centered a lot on religion and this one is, as the title says, about the human condition; cruelty, ignorance, and inhumanity and brutality. Just the things that man
has shown to be so adept at doing.” GARY HOLT, Exodus





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