New MYSTICUM interview

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New MYSTICUM interview
  • • 10 years between the 2 previous albums ? What did happen to the band since 2004 ?

    Well, I would say It`s actually 18 years since last album. Lost Masters… was a compilation of all demo-material from the early ninety`s. After the “In the streams… we grew tired of where the scene was heading and disappeared from it in the late ninety`s. We met briefly in 2003 to record “Black Magic Mushrooms”. Then in 2011 we met and decided it was time to continue in the Mysticum universe.

    • Please explain us your experience in studio ?

    t was great to get back in a studio recording new material. The recordings went good and most recordings were done in a couple of weeks. A few obstacles were met in the mixing process but were overcomed by Fias Co. studios with Sverre Daehlie as producer. We are extremely satisfied with his work.

    • heavy and repetitive guitars riffs with a drum computer are still the basics for Mysticum . Please explain how you collaborated the three of you .

    In the really early days, we first started out as Sabazios, we began with a human drummer. But very soon we bought a Roland drum machine, from a guy connected to the rehearsal-studios we used at that time. This was late in the year 1990. Starting working with this, we immediately knew that this was a given part of our musical future. Feeling the atmosphere and expression it had combined with our characteristic use of guitars, was nothing but perfect.

    • Religion is of course one of the main topic of this album ? How do you analyse the fact that religions are stronger than ever in some countries ?

    Our lyrics is anti-christian/anti-religious, with cosmological overtones . Satan to us is the pure fire within ourselves and all rebelling against any lord or surpressor. Refusing to awknowledge a higher being to whom we should obey or follow. The whole idea of having a master in life or death is unsound. Only for the weak sheeps of ignorant optimism. Satan is the force of our will, battling with the whole concept of god and the followers of it. The only certainty is death, and from there on only the dead know. If there were to be a Hell/heaven dimension in the afterlife, you can be sure to find us in the frontline tearing down the slaving institution of god.

    • the main feeling of this almost album is for me more a sense of unsettling strangeness, like Freud said. Do you like this type of feeling a bit disconfortable ?

    We certainly enjoy the feeling of making and preforming the music of Mysticum. Our desire for the making of “Planet Satan” is to make gut-hitting metal with a clear anti-christian/anti-religious ass-kick. And we think we have made a worthy follow-up to “In The Streams..” with a complex expression in the darker regions of the spectrum.

    • It is actually the same feeling watching your track by track new video this morning …

    I`m glad to hear.. Ha-ha

    • You have also remasterised two previous records with "planet satan" , "in the streams of inferno" and "lost masters of the universe ». What are the main improvements ?

    Apart from the improvements cover-wise, the sound is improved by far. The soundscape is more detailed giving off more of the music. Improved in every way..

    • We can say that you are veterans of the black metal scene (you signed a deal with Euronymous on Deathlike Silence in 1993 !) , so what you think about the black metal scene ? Don’t you think it is a bit asleep ?

    To be honest we are not fully updated on it. We have our old favorites which we enjoy. Most of the new stuff bores us, adding fuel to our reunion.

    • Last concert was in Oslo few days ago . How was it ? Any new tourdates for this fall or 2015 ?

    We had a relesase-party with no concert. But the party was excellent. Concert-dates are not ready yet. We have some rehearsing and designing a show to do. And will then appear when the time and place is right. Hope for sure to play in France.

    • Thanks for your precious time

New MYSTICUM interview

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