Probably one of the best album to release in 2012 …

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Crafter – Vocals

Dan – Guitar

Tim – Bass

Adam – Guitar

Shane – Drums


Following the success of their debut full length Cancer (2009) and sold-out national tours throughout 2010, Australian hardcore band CONFESSION prepares to push forward.

With members living in Adelaide, Byron Bay and Melbourne, the quintet took proceedings to the North Coast, to the Parkway house in Byron Bay, to write 10 new songs. Doing so essentially “made
this record what it is,” as being in the house is so “relaxing and peaceful,” tells vocalist Michael Crafter.

Recorded with iconic Swedish metal producer Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, I Killed The Prom Queen, In Flames), at his Gothenburg Studio, The Long Way Home presents an assured and
strengthened outfit.

“We knew he was going to make this record sound amazing and he did exactly that,” says Crafter, of the talented producer.

The album explores lyrical themes relating to decisions we make regarding “the life path we follow.” A matured and retrospective Crafter – who is no stranger to the writing and recording process,
having previously fronted I Killed The Prom Queen, Bury Your Dead and Carpathian during his career – continues. “It’s about being happy and doing what you want to do. We take roads that lead us
very far away from the people we love and the place we call home. But our family and friends will always be there for us when we need them.”

Musically the album unveils a “faster and more intense” sound, than Blunt Magazine’s Australian Album of the Year for 2009, Cancer; which also debuted at #1 on the AIR Independent Charts. Though
in keeping true to their roots, fusing both heavy and melodic elements together “is what we have always been about,” claims Crafter. And keeping “a good balance is what we have achieved.”

Having taken a giant leap towards forging themselves as a force within the international hardcore community, CONFESSION is back on home soil and eagerly awaiting the release of The Long Way Home.

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